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Colin Farrar has operated within the beer dispense and refurbishment industry for over 50 years, through which Colin has gained extensive knowledge of the repair, refurbishment, design and manufacture of beer dispense and associated equipment. Colin established his first brewery services business in 1967 which became the first UK company to produce the 1/4pt Engine, Swan Neck Spout, Water Jacketed Cylinder and the first Multi-Hole Sparkler. Colin has recently relaunched as Farrar Brewery Services Ltd, The beer dispensing experts having restructured to welcome onboard a new business partner to establish future secession planning. 

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We are currently refurbishing 5000 - 6000 units per annum, primarily clamp on units due to these being a best selling product. This figure includes a number of Lowline and T-Bar Fonts plus Cabinet Beer Pumps. We have a highly successful track record in pump manufacturing and refurbishment but also in beer dispense equipment. We have more recently invested in the development of own brand beer dispense products and accesories such as Check Valves, Multi-Holed Sparkler, 1/2 pint Beer Engines and Vertical Cask Extractor Sets. 

Product Warranties

All refurbishment work we carried out is guaranteed for a period of 12 months. Our warranty requires that, wherever possible, the faulty item should be returned to us for inspection, report and repair. Warranty covers all parts supplied and work carried out by us and any faults which, we consider should have reasonably been taken care of by us at the time of refurbishment.


In the case of engines the warranty covers the following:

  • All internal moving parts 

  • All Seals

  • Glass Cylinders (when failed in normal use)

  • Connector Blocks (Subject to normal wear and tear)

In the case of the pumps other working mechanisms:

  • Pivot Pins

  • Oilite Bearings 

  • Fixings 

  • Quadrants and Bearings

  • Handle Stems

  • Engine Linkages

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Our standards for quality and traceability are rigorously applied. All the refurbishments carried out are numbered, initialled, dated and recorded forfeiture reference. We take great pride in the fact that warranty returns are few and far between, we believe this is due to our exceptionally high standards of work and quality assurance. 

We pride ourselves in achieving a high level of refurbishment, such that all items are restored to as near the original condition as possible. Virtually all the processes are carried out in house, ensuring high levels of control over the quality standards.

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